AL·BACARO is a corner of Venice in your city, where good food and music are linked to very ancient stories and traditions.

AL·BACARO is a project that revolves around Venice: it is inspired by the Bacari, the typical Venetian taverns.

lineeAt AL·BACARO we love the philosophy of chipping, of sharing.
lineeAt AL·BACARO we offer the Venetian version of the “Spanish tapas”, which are called Cicchetti in the lagoon.

At AL·BACARO you will find the most typical Venetian cicchetti such as sarde in saor and creamed cod, but also vegan and vegetarian re interpretations like the popular Zucca in saor (pumpkin).

At AL·BACARO even the Venetian charcoal is reinvented in a gourmet version: the Venetian cuisine is not always “known” and “recognized” internationally… Venice is most often identified for its uniqueness and architectural beauty, but the spaghetti alla Busara or the liver Veneziana deserve to be recognized as  a “World Heritage Site” just like the sublime Piazza San Marco or Rialto Bridge!

At AL·BACARO we satisfy even the sweet tooth…the tiramisu is certainly a must, as well as the exquisite Venetian fried cream.

At AL·BACARO you can also discover the origins of Spritz, Prosecco, Seltz, Olives, and of course the typical Select, a bitter from Venice.

At AL·BACARO we await you in a simple and informal environment, and our commitment is to ensure that carefully selected raw materials from the regional producers are transformed into good food and good drinks for you.

All is seasoned with excellent jazz music but not only…