we gather together!

In Italy, eating is much more than the simple satisfaction of a primary need: it’s a sort of ritual in between the religious and the social; eating and drinking represent the pinnacle of the sharing concept.

At the table, we are together! Food is by far the ritual of aggregation, which creates a material and spiritual union between the tablemates, a mystical bond that can last forever or just for the time of digestion. Even at the time of the bill this sociability must prevail: “boni tutti de criar par 5 euro”!

In the family we all eat together, we celebrate by eating in company, we discuss love and business over lunch and dinner. When we want to see a friend, the first choice is always “du ciacole co le gambe soto la tola”.

In Venice there used to be the Carbona, a sort of kitchen in the middle of the house which was a gathering center for the family, or the place to share a meal with guests.

The bacari were born in the lagoon in the 14th century, these were taverns where people met after a hard day at work to tell stories, to eat together, to “live” together.

AL·BACARO is a Venetian Bacaro of our times, where you will find an atmosphere of sharing and conviviality: our counter cicchetti and our innovative gourmet cicchetti undoubtedly lend themselves to the spirit of sharing with others and if you are on your own, we’ll sit with you: you’ll pay, but we eat and drink together.

lineeEating is a ritual while knowing how to share is an enrichment of the soul (M.P. in Wilde)


AL·BACARO is… an endless aperitif.
AL·BACARO is… dinner with friends or on own
AL·BACARO is… a party, always and in any case
AL·BACARO is …street food
AL·BACARO is…live jazz
AL·BACARO is…Carnival every day
AL·BACARO is…catering wherever you wish
AL·BACARO is…take away and home delivery
AL·BACARO is… a corner of Venice
AL·BACARO is…brunch n jazz
AL·BACARO is …friendship
AL·BACARO is.. a bit of craziness

AL·BACARO is…whatever you want!